Dr Ryan

About Dr.Ryan Yun

Dr Ryan have over many years of professional experience in Singapore dental clinics. Grown up and educated in the Republic of Korea, Dr Ryan relocated to Melbourne, Australia for his professional training as a dentist.

After finishing Chemistry and Biology as a double major in Korea, he completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery in the University of Melbourne in Australia. Dr Ryan relocated to Singapore to work as a dentist. He has developed experience in a range of dental practices, especially in general restorative dentistry, surgical extractions, implant surgeries, orthodontics, and aesthetic dentistry

Dr Ryan has received various trainings, including an implant trainings provided by the International Academy of Dental Implantology (US), and Osstem and Dentium and Orthodontic treatment training.

Dr Ryan believes dental technics continue to evolve and it is imperative to keep participating in trainings and developing professional knowledge and skills as a dentist, which will in turn enable him to provide the best service for his patients. 

More Information

Outside of work, Dr Yun enjoys singing, travelling and boxing.

Prior to being a dentist, he worked as a barista in Australia whilst studying. 

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