Things you should do for Impacted Wisdom Tooth?when it is causing pain

Most people know what the term “wisdom teeth” refers to- the last four of your final set of adult teeth to grow, one on each side of your upper and lower jaws. However, many dentists and dental professionals frequently talk about impacted wisdom teeth, but what exactly does “impacted” mean?

Well, more often than not, your mouth will not have sufficient space for all four of your wisdom teeth to fully erupt properly. When your wisdom teeth cannot grow properly, they are “impacted” (Desfosse, 2020). When this occurs, your teeth may become crooked or grow at an awkward angle. As a result, wisdom teeth removal is required.

How to Spot Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Some common symptoms of possibly having impacted wisdom teeth include infected or swollen gums near the area where the wisdom teeth would erupt (at the back of the mouth), bleeding gums, jaw discomfort, pain or bad breath.

If you suspect that you could have impacted wisdom teeth, it is absolutely important that you make an appointment with your dentist to check the condition of your wisdom teeth and see if anything needs to be done, such as wisdom teeth removal. This is because when left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can lead to unwanted conditions such as gum disease or tooth decay.

Thus, if you are about age 17 to 25 and are experiencing some discomfort in the gums at the back of your mouth, it might be due to impacted wisdom teeth, and it is time for you to take a trip to see your dentist.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction is a simple procedure with little risks involved. While there is a slight possibility of complications such as nerve damage, the chances are extremely slim for wisdom teeth removals, especially with a highly experienced dental surgeon.

Depending on the condition of your emerging wisdom teeth, you might only require a simple tooth extraction or a minor surgical procedure to remove your wisdom teeth. If you require wisdom tooth surgery, local anaesthesia may be administered while the surgery is being conducted.

After wisdom teeth removal, it will take a few days up to a week for the pain to subside. During this time, you could opt for prescribed painkillers to suppress the pain and swelling. While recovering, it is recommended that you stick to soft foods and room temperature liquids so as not to agitate the wound.

Since each person typically has four wisdom teeth, there are many cases which require multiple wisdom teeth removal for impacted wisdom teeth. When this happens, your dental surgeon is likely to encourage you to sit for two separate appointments, two for each occasion, to progressively extract your wisdom teeth rather than extract them all at once. This is to ensure that while the surgery or extraction wounds on one side of your mouth are still healing, you could still use the other side the chew if needed.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

For surgical removal of wisdom teeth in Singapore, it would cost you about S$800 to S$1000 per tooth. You could claim up to S$300 per day using MediSave to pay for day surgery (CPF Board, 2020).

Although almost everybody experiences their wisdom teeth erupting as they venture into adulthood, it is common for people to be fearful of wisdom teeth removal. Despite being a minor procedure, it is still a surgery! 

Thus, it is very important for young people to not be clueless about impacted wisdom teeth and the danger of leaving them untreated. Do your research, and make an appointment with your dentist if you deem it necessary.

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