Will Veneers teeth suitable to me? Pros and Concerns.

I understand that you haven interests in dental veneers. Today, I’d like to talk about Veneers especially veneers teeth pros and cons. It is true that dental veneers in Singapore is very common and well known aesthetic treatment. I promise you that you will be able to learn dental veneers with its features through this article.

Will Veneers suitable to me? Here is your answers from Vivid dental surgeons in Singapore.

Dental veneers simply are very thin shells covering your teeth made of durable, stain-resistant product. Dentists will make it in to shape of patient’s teeth and attach it in to patient’s teeth with dental cement which can keep it for about ten years.

It is also called porcelain veneers or dental laminates. It improves the shape, colour, size and length of the patient’s teeth dramatically, which can give big changes in appearance. Veneers can create a picture-perfect smile for the patients. 

veneer teeth has many pros and cons.

If you ever considered about veneers, you must have asked yourself, if veneers are right treatment for you. Here are some simple answers prepared for you also with some information about veneers. But remember, basically veneers can be suitable for any patients who want to change size, length, shape and colour of their teeth with healthy and solid gums and bone. 

But, of course like any other dental treatment, veneers also have some pros and cons. If you want to know more about veneers in details or consult about it, please contact vivid dental surgeons (Dr.Ryan) and I will be more than happy to help you to find a perfect and beautiful smile. 

So, let’s start with “What are Dental Veneers?”

It is a thin, coloured shells which only covers the front part of the teeth. It helps to disguise teeth problems such as spaces between teeth, crooked / misshapen teeth or stained teeth. With coloured shells attached to the front part of the teeth, it will create well organised teeth for the patients. It is also not as invasive as crowns since preparation leaves original tooth intact. 

Veneers also help patients to have natural looking teeth. There are some veneers teeth pros and cons. In the past, application of veneers required grounding large portion of original teeth in order for it to be firmly attached to original teeth. However, with an improvement in the technology, application of veneers does not require grounding much part of original tooth surface than before. Very importantly, there has to be enough enamel with patient’s original teeth in order to successfully attach veneers to the surface of the teeth. Therefore dental veneers in Singapore is getting more popular.

For what kind of dental conditions may Veneers be helpful?

  1. Discolored teeth that are unable to be treated with general whitening treatment
  2. Teeth damaged by trauma
  3. Small teeth
  4. Worn down, broken or chipped teeth
  5. Uneven teeth
  6. For patients who wish to change colour, shape or length of their teeth

It is important to know dental veneers pros and cons before proceeding treatment.

What are some pros about getting Veneers?

  1. In a long run, it can be aesthetically more pleasing than crowns since it doesn’t show gum margin even in several years
  2. Health and natural tooth shape can be created since these days veneer requires less trimming of the original teeth
  3. Amazingly natural look and smile after the treatment
  4. Shape, color of the teeth can be customized
  5. It is resistant to stain
  6. Less damage to the tooth structure (compare to bonding / crowns)
  7. Creating perfect and beautiful smile as patients wished
  8. Easy and long maintenance. Does Not require any special maintenance.

However, there still are some concerns & cons of Veneers which are :

  1. Cost of Veneers can be more than bonding and crowns 
  2. Can not be easily removed, for composite veneers it will last for 5-10 years depends on the product 
  3. They are not reversible and not covered by insurance
  4. Since it doesn’t change color, it might create difference between real teeth as time goes by
  5. Temporarily patients might feel sensitive to teeth (since the removal or enamel)

At dental clinic, we explain patients veneers teeth has pros and cons.

Veneers teeth will improve patients smile, function and used when patients want improvement in cosmetic. Please get in touch with Vivid Dental surgeons and get to know more about veneers. But please remember to also get regular dental checkup and taking good care of teeth (good oral hygiene) for maintaining veneers healthy after the treatment. It is also crucial that you have to be aware of dental veneers teeth pros and cons to before you proceed treatment.

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