5 Must-Know Insights about Dental Implants in Singapore

One option available in Singapore for teeth restoration is dental implants. Many people encounter the issue of missing or severely damaged teeth for a variety of reasons. For instance, an accidental sports injury could cause one’s teeth to get knocked out, and gum disease or tooth decay could cause substantial tooth damage as well.

Singapore implants are generally very safe, but considering whether to get implants and whether to fork out savings to pay for the high implant cost is still nonetheless a serious decision. If you or someone you care about is deciding whether to get dental implants, here are five must-know insights about dental implants in Singapore (including implants cost).

What Dental Implants are (Singapore Implants)

Dental implants are realistic-looking and man-made substitutes for missing or damaged teeth. They provide reliable support for artificial teeth that will not shift or move after being implanted in your mouth (Colgate, n.d.).

They are implanted by placing titanium screws into the jawbone during a minor surgery during which anaesthesia is usually administered. The tooth-like part of the implant is made of either ceramic or metallic material. These artificial teeth will be held in place by the screws. The artificial teeth used can be customised to suit your mouth and remaining teeth.

Safety of the Procedure (Singapore Implants)

Getting Singapore implants is generally very safe if done by a certified and experienced dental surgeon. However, it is still extremely important to have an honest discussion with your dentist and have a thorough oral examination before deciding whether to proceed with the implants.

Despite the high success rate of dental implants of over 95%, there is still a likelihood of failure, especially if you smoke or have gum disease.

Dental Implants Cost

While dental implants cost more than alternative tooth replacement procedures on average, they are the most permanent and last the longest, making them very cost-efficient. For Singapore implants, fees associated with the surgical procedure are claimable from Medisave up to a maximum of S$1250.

The total dental surgery and implants costs sum up to an estimated total of about S$3200 to S$5700 in public hospitals such as NUH, and roughly S$5655 to S$15330 in implants costs at private dental clinics.

Pain Level of the Procedure (Singapore Implants)

After the surgery to insert the screws and install the dental implants, it is normal for patients to feel some level of discomfort.

However, with an experienced dental surgeon and enough anaesthesia, the pain is tolerable and easily mitigated. The dentist is also likely to prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs to help you overcome the discomfort.

Implant Surgery Recovery (Singapore Implants)

Post-surgery, you could experience symptoms such as gums or face swelling, bruising or some bleeding as well.

This means that it is advisable for you to take at least two to three days off work or school and stick strictly to soft foods for your diet while the surgery areas heal. Because the surgeon probably used dissolvable stitches, there is no need to go back to remove your stitches. 

Good Luck and Take Care!

To ensure that your implants last as long as possible, it is good for you to practise healthy oral habits such as refraining on biting or chewing on hard foods such as hard candy that could damage the dental crown.

Teeth replacement such as implants cost a lot and takes time to heal, so it is important to practise good hygiene to prevent needing similar procedures in the future.

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