Can’t decide between Invisalign Vs Braces? Let Vivid Dental Surgeons help you out!

What are teeth braces and invisalign? 

Are you someone wanting to have straight and beautiful looking teeth, but can’t decide between invisalign and braces? Well, fret no more for we have all the information you are looking for in order to make the most informed and benefitting cost for yourself.

Let us start off by explaining what braces and invisalign are. Teeth braces are orthodontic tools used to correct the misalignment of teeth both in the upper and lower jaws, by moving or straightening them.

They correct crooked teeth, improving the aesthetic of smiles and are also able to make chewing and eating food much more comfortable after the correction of teeth.

There are many different kinds of braces, namely the metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces. Invisalign, on the other hand, are aligner trays made of smooth clear plastic. Like braces, they readjust and shift your teeth but in a more subtle and gentle way since they are made to be invisible braces.

How do dental braces and invisalign (invisible braces) work? 

Dental braces work by constantly placing pressure on your teeth, placing a force that shifts and moves them into the correct position. There is an arched wire, held in place by metal brackets that are attached to the individual teeth. It is the arched wire that places most of the pressure on your teeth.

Rubber bands may be used to enhance the amount of force and pressure placed on your teeth, to encourage your teeth to shift when needed. Now we will dive deeper into what goes on beyond the surface. Beneath your gums lies the Periodontal Membrane.

What it does is it shields the lower half of your teeth. Dental braces also place pressure on the Periodontal Membrane, allowing for a singular side of this membrane to stretch out, allowing the teeth to move. The bars and bands will then push it from the other side, then creating enough space for the teeth to move. 

Compared to dental braces, invisalign (invisible braces) uses clear plastic aligners developed from computer-generated images through X-rays done by your dentist to shift the position of your teeth. Unlike the traditional method of using fixed wires to put pressure on the teeth into the right alignment, invisalign aligns the teeth by using molds that force your teeth into their new and improved position.

Difference between dental braces and invisalign 

Now you know what dental braces and invisaligns are and how they both work, we will go into the details of how they differ.

So.. Dental braces or invisalign? What’s the verdict? 

As seen above, it’s quite a close fight when comparing metal braces with ‘invisible braces’. If you consider yourself an individual who tends to care about your aesthetics, invisalign may appeal to you more as compared to dental braces. But there are more to aesthetics!

Hopefully with the table above, you are able to weigh the costs and benefits of implementing dental braces or invisalign and decide which is most suited for you.

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