Ask Dr. Ryan Yun: All About Dental Bridges and Crowns


If you’re wondering what dental bridges and dental crowns are you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by patients, and answers from Dr. Ryan Yun. If you have further inquires do contact us to book an appointment.

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges ?

Both dental crowns and most tooth bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. They are non-removable devices.

Unlike dentures, which you can take out whenever to clean it daily, dental crowns and tooth bridges are cemented onto existing teeth or implants, and can only be removed by a dentist. It is a more permanent fixture onto the teeth rather than a temporary removable device.

How do Dental Crowns Work ?

A crown is used to cover the entirety of a damaged tooth. Its main function is to strengthen the damaged tooth, but a dental crown can also be used to improve the damaged tooth’s appearance, shape and alignment. Dental crowns can also be fixed on top of an implant to provide a tooth-like structure while improving its function.

There are many types of dental crowns which include the most commonly used porcelain or ceramic dental crowns which can be matched to your natural teeth’s color.

Some stronger alloys such as gold and metal alloys are used for back teeth crowns. Porcelain bonded to a metal shell is stronger and used to get an attractive yet strong dental crown.

How do Dental Bridges Work ?

Dental bridges are usually recommended for those who are missing one or more teeth. The gaps left by missing teeth will eventually cause the alignment of remaining teeth to shift into those gaps, resulting in a bad bite. The gaps caused by missing teeth may also cause gum disease or other less common dental disorders.

Dental bridges will replace one or more missing teeth. They are fixated at the areas where teeth are missing. Dental bridges are cemented onto the natural teeth or implants which surround the gaps.

Usually dental bridges will be used with crowns, your dentist will recommend to you which to use, based on the location of the missing tooth (or teeth), its function, aesthetic considerations and cost.

How are Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges made ?

Before dental crowns and dental bridges are made, the tooth must be reduced to the size that the crown or bridge will fit nicely. After reducing the tooth size, your dentist will take an impression to provide a mold for the crown or bridge.

The dental lab will make your crown or bridge, according to the specifics of your needs, meanwhile a temporary crown will be placed. After the crown or bridge is ready, it will be cemented over your prepared tooth or teeth.

How Long will my Dental Crowns and/or Dental Bridges Last ?

They can last a lifetime, but they do sometimes come loose or fall out. It is important for you to take good care of your dental crowns or dental bridges to ensure its longevity. You should avoid chewing hard foods and objects such as ice.

Conclusion :

Dental crowns and dental bridges might be a better option in having a nice aesthetic-looking smile. Do book an appointment with us to find out more! Meanwhile if you have questions for Dr. Ryan Yun click here to view our contact details.

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