Will dental teeth veneers painful? Answers from Dr. Ryan Yun

Have you ever considered seeking treatment for your teeth to make your smile look more aesthetic? If you experience stained teeth from your years of caffeine addiction, a chipped tooth caused by a sports injury, or damaged teeth due to bad cavities, you might want to consider getting veneers teeth!

dental teeth veneers painful?


What Are Teeth Veneers?

Dental teeth veneers are typically used to correct discoloured, damaged, or crooked teeth. They are made from tooth-coloured materials such as ceramic, and are customised to fit your teeth by covering the front side of the tooth (ADA, 2020).

Teeth veneers are made of porcelain or ceramic that is of similar colour pigment to your natural teeth. Getting traditional dental veneers installed is an invasive process which requires the dentist to partially grind away your teeth enamel before properly fixing the veneer onto the leftover structure of the teeth. This process is painful and may require local anaesthesia to be administered.

dental teeth veneers painful?

Besides traditional veneers, there are alternatives known as “no prep” veneers that require minimal alterations on the tooth structure, and do not need local anaesthesia.

Typically, teeth veneers are permanent and getting them fitted is irreversible, as your dentist may have to remove some enamel on your teeth before fixing the veneers onto them, thus permanently altering the structure of your teeth during the process. Hence, when considering dental teeth veneers as a solution to correct your smile, it is important to seriously weigh the pros and cons first. 

will veneers painful?

If you only damaged one or two teeth and are looking to veneers teeth as a solution, it is possible to only get one or two teeth veneers to correct them.

However, many people choose to get a set of up to 8 veneers at a time to ensure that their new smile does not look unnatural or asymmetrical.

teeth veneers would hurt?

Benefits of Getting Teeth Veneers

Without regular whitening, it is very easy for your teeth turn yellowish after years of drinking coffee or any pigmented foods. Getting dental teeth veneers installed can permanently whiten your teeth, as compared to regular bleaching techniques for teeth whitening which requires regular treatment to maintain the same perfect shade of white. The materials used to make veneers are very resistant to staining, thus they do not require regular whitening like natural teeth do.

Veneers can also easily cover up any visible orthodontic flaws. Your teeth enamel does not grow back despite being worn down by consumption acidic food products or acid reflux. Thus, dental veneers are an effective replacement when such scenarios occur.

will veneers painful?

Cons of Veneers Teeth

Unfortunately, teeth veneers are often quite pricey and are not covered by MediSave as they are considered a cosmetic procedure. It is hence wise to think twice before splurging on a set on veneers.

In addition, while veneers are a relatively long-term solution to correct your teeth, they do not last forever. Veneers typically last for around ten years, thereafter requiring another restoration treatment to take their place, since the structure of your natural teeth would have been worn down to get the veneers installed in the first place.

Should I Get Veneers?

Always ensure that you have a thorough discussion with your dentist and complete comprehensive research before deciding to go ahead with installing teeth veneers. The process will permanently change the structure of your teeth, so it is a major decision to make. Good luck!

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