How Long will I Feel Pain After Tooth Extraction? Some tips from Vivid Dental Surgeons

How Long will I Feel Pain After Tooth Extraction? Please read our blog below!

Introduction :

Have you ever worried about getting tooth extraction? What about the pain during or after tooth extraction?

The healing process will differ depending on each patient, but the majority of healing takes about 7-10 days. Fortunately, if you’re worried about the pain, it should subside within 3 days.

tooth extraction pain

What Should I do After Tooth Extraction?

After tooth extraction, you should rest for at least 24 hours, whilst limiting strenuous exercises.  However, do remember that it is a good idea to elevate your head slightly when lying down.

For bleeding after tooth extraction, it should stop within a few hours after your treatment. Remember to leave the gauze your dentist placed in the mouth for at least a few hours to allow the blood clot to form. Afterwards you can change the gauze as needed.

Do remember to avoid rinsing your mouth as it may slow down the clot formation, and might incur more bleeding from the treatment site. Avoid also drinking hot liquids or alcohol, and drinking with a straw. Avoid smoking or sneezing and blowing your nose, to avoid further bleeding.

how to solve pain from tooth extraction?

What Should I Do if I Feel some Pain?

It is very normal to experience pain and swelling after tooth extraction. Here are some home remedies that may ease the pain at each stage of the healing process.

Home remedies for tooth pain include:

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen

These can be found over-the-counter to reduce pain and swelling after tooth extraction. Otherwise, usually, your dentist might also have some painkillers prescribed for you to take home after your tooth extraction.

Ice Packs

Apply a towel wrapped with ice pack to the affected side for 20 minutes at a time to help reduce pain and swelling after tooth extraction.

Saltwater rinses

It is good as a daily routine to kill bacteria in the mouth and reduce swelling and pain after tooth extraction. Otherwise, your dentist might also give you some mouth wash after your tooth extraction.

Tips for a speedy recovery

Now that the blood clot has formed take these simple precautions to keep it in place, and prevent other issues while you continue to heal on days 3 through 10.

Remember to rinse your mouth with saltwater rinses or mouthwash to kill bacteria. Don’t skip regular brushing or flossing during this time, but avoid cleaning the teeth next to where the extracted tooth was. Eat a soft diet that don’t require a lot of chewing. 

After two weeks, you will typically have a follow-up appointment with your dentist. At that time, your dentist will check the treatment site ensuring that you have a successful tooth extraction recovery.

tooth extraction recovery

Recovery Concerns

It usually takes about 10 days to recover, but if you’re experiencing these worsening symptoms you should contact or go see your dentist.

  • Pain and swelling that get worse with time
  • Bleeding that does not improve with time
  • A high fever, nausea, vomiting
  • Severe pain that spreads to the ear
  • Drainage from the wound that tastes or smells foul
  • Dry socket
  • If you are immunocompromised


To have a successful recovery, remember to follow the regime your dentist has recommended for you at the end of your tooth extraction treatment. It is normal to feel some pain after the treatment, but if you have any doubts or questions do contact your dentist.

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Vivid Dental Surgeons Wishes you a Pleasant Day Ahead!

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