Will tooth space between front teeth close itself? How Vivid dental surgeons can help with it!

Everything you need to know about the space between your two front teeth

Do you have several gaps and spaces between teeth that you want to get rid of? Well, fret not, for this article will educate you on everything you need to know about getting it treated and for your teeth to be gapless again!

First of all, the gap between your teeth is called the Diastema. These spaces between your teeth can form anywhere in the mouth, but the most noticeable and common gaps are the ones between the front teeth. If you are a parent worried for a child who has diastema, you might want to wait out a while longer before seeking treatment since diastema may go away with the growth of permanent teeth.

tooth space teeth veneers

While some gaps between teeth are small and barely noticeable, some gaps are larger and a cosmetic issue for some people. Some people choose to not do anything to their diastema, especially when it’s between the two front teeth, as it subjectively enhances facial beauty and appearance, and in some cultures, it is believed to be a sign of fertility, luck, and wealth.

However, for those that are unhappy with how it looks, there are ways to close it or reduce its size.

tooth space teeth veneers

Causes of space between teeth – Diastema 

While it is difficult to pinpoint specific reasons as to how the gap between your teeth forms, there are several factors that can play a role in its formation.

  • Genetics: Teeth size and teeth can be inherited and when your parents have diastema, you might have it too 

  • Mismatch of teeth sizes: Diastema can be a result of having a mismatch in the size of the teeth and the jaw size. If the teeth are too small in comparison to the jaws, there would be alignment problems because there will be excessive space in the mouth, causing the teeth to not align properly.

  • Bad oral habits: Some unhealthy oral habits can result in Diastema. These include poor dental hygiene, which can cause gum disease, tongue thrusting, and thumb sucking. For children, those who suck their thumb are prone to developing Diastema as sucking thumbs places pressure on the front teeth and create a gap between the teeth and results in them shifting forward. Thumb sucking usually causes a midline Diastema (gap between the two front teeth) because most of the pressure is exerted there. These habits should be corrected in children to prevent Diastema.

  • Swallowing reflexes: Diastema can be caused by incorrect swallowing reflexes such as tongue thrusting. The tongue may push against the front teeth and result in gaps between the front teeth. This habit, although seemingly harmless , places too much pressure on the front teeth and can result in separation and formation of spaces between teeth.

  • Extra tissues: Extra tissues growing in the mouth above the teeth can also result in Diastema. It will forcefully create a distance between your two upper front teeth.

Ways to close spaces between teeth 

There are several methods and ways to fix gaps between teeth. Some of which you may be familiar with, namely braces and invisalign. Dental braces are orthodontic tools used to correct the misalignment of teeth both in the upper and lower jaws, by moving or straightening them.

They correct crooked teeth and fix gaps between teeth, improving the aesthetic of smiles and are also able to make chewing and eating food much more comfortable after the correction of teeth. There are many different kinds of braces, namely the metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces.

The wires and orthodontic tools used are able to close gaps between teeth and straighten them. Besides braces, you can opt to fix the gap between your teeth with Invisalign. These are a very good choice as they are translucent and often go unnoticeable, helping people with self-esteem problems. They are removable and can help improve your oral hygiene.

Conclusion on gap between teeth – Diastema 

Diastema also known as gaps between teeth is not a medical concern. However, it may be a concern for aesthetic reasons and may result in insecurities, which leads to the search for ways to fix these spaces between teeth. There is really nothing to worry about since there are very accessible methods to fix these gaps, namely braces and invisalign.

However, be sure that these Diastema are formed with permanent teeth instead of baby teeth before seeking treatment, since the gaps between your teeth can go away with the growth of permanent teeth for children. Here at Vivid Dental Surgeons, we aim to educate and raise awareness for matters and issues regarding oral and dental hygiene.

tooth space tooth veneers

Especially during this COVID-19 period, we believe that it is highly essential that everyone maintains good oral hygiene and be safe. If you are interested in learning more, click here to read other related articles on our blog. Dr Ryan is also open to answering any questions you have regarding oral health matters, drop him a message here.

Dr Ryan and the Vivid Dental Team wishes everyone well and that you remain safe and virus-free!

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