Things you should know about Dental Bridges VS. Dental Implants by Dr. Ryan (from Vivid Dental Surgeons)

Like we have mentioned before, teeth and smiles are what we use to strike a strong and bright first impression. However, other than aesthetic purposes, it is essential to consider the benefits of maintaining oral hygiene for the sake of our health. For damages our teeth go through, we may implement dental bridges and dental implants to salvage these damages instead of removing the teeth entirely.

In order for you to make the right decision on which prosthodontics to use for your teeth, here’s what you need to know about dental bridges vs. implants.

About Dental Bridges and its different types 

Dental bridges, as their name suggests, bridge the gaps between a missing tooth or several missing teeth. They are usually made up of one or two fitted crowns placed on your natural teeth to fill in the gaps and holes caused by missing teeth. These bridges are strong and often look and function like natural teeth. 

There are several types of dental bridges to be considered :

  • Traditional bridges – the most common kind, usually made of either ceramics or porcelain that is made to metal.
  • Cantilever Bridges – not as typically used as traditional bridges, usually used when there are adjacent teeth found on one single side of the hole caused by the missing teeth.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridges – resin-bonded bridge is made of porcelain, porcelain made to metal, or plastic teeth enhanced with porcelain or metal structures.

About Dental Implants and its different types

Dental implant is an oral surgery to replace root teeth with metal screws and replacing damaged teeth with artificial ones that look and function like natural teeth. It often varies from individual to individual and depends on the state of one’s jawbone.

Different types of dental implants :

  • Endosteal implants – directly surgically implanted into the jawbone. It requires follow up surgery that connects the post to the first implant after the gum tissue heals, finishing up by mounting an artificial tooth to the post.
  • Subperiosteal implants – the procedure involves a metal frame being fitted into the jawbone directly beneath the gum tissue. The structure becomes fixed to the jawbone as the gums heal, finishing up with the artificial tooth being attached to the post.

Now that you know slightly more about the different prosthodontics and their different types, here is a table provided for you that is key for you to make an informed decision on which procedure to go for.

Here at Vivid Dental Surgeons, we aim to educate and raise awareness for matters and issues regarding oral and dental hygiene. We hope that through this article, you are able to gain insights on the several prosthodontics and their different types, to make an informed decision on whether to use dental implants or bridges.

If you are interested in learning more, click here to read other related articles on our blog. Dr Ryan is also open to answering any questions you have regarding oral health matters, drop him a message here.

Dr Ryan and the Vivid Dental Team wishes everyone well and that you remain safe and virus-free!

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