How to Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth?


Impacted wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your upper and lower jaws, often there is not enough space for them to completely erupt in the correct position like other normal teeth. In some cases the wisdom teeth might not erupt fully due to an impact with other teeth or some parts are covered by the gums. Thus it is called “impacted wisdom teeth”. In this article we will explore the complete removal impacted wisdom teeth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

One of the most common reasons you have been to the dentist due to impacted wisdom teeth is because you have problems with your wisdom teeth. This could be due to pain, swelling or infection to the gums covering or surrounding the wisdom tooth. The wisdom tooth may also be decayed and food may be stuck around it, making it difficult to clean around your wisdom teeth.

Some impacted wisdom teeth may have no symptoms, but there may be underlying problems with it that may develop into something more serious. If the problem is serious, it may cause the teeth in front of the impacted wisdom teeth to be infected by the decay, this will require repair after the dentist has removed the impacted wisdom teeth.

If the case is really severe, the teeth in front of the impacted wisdom teeth may need to be removed as well. There may be cysts that form around the impacted wisdom teeth if the decay is left for too long and causes infection.

Complete Removal of Impacted Wisdom Teeth 

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually not fully erupted in the mouth, therefore it is often necessary to make an incision to the gum over the impacted wisdom teeth. Sometimes it is also necessary to remove the bone surrounding the impacted wisdom teeth, this will require a minor surgery.

This will depend on the x-ray that the dentist will take before the removal of impacted wisdom teeth is done, do contact us for more information.

The impacted wisdom teeth may need to be removed per section, if it needs to be cut into a few pieces for removal. Once the wisdom teeth removal is complete, the gum is put back into place with stitches.

In the majority of cases these stitches are dissolvable and take around two weeks to disappear. Other stitches may need to be removed by the dentists after a certain period of time.

Possible Risks of Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Bleeding (usually stops fairly quickly, minor problem)
  2. Altered sensation to the chin, lower lip or tongue (less than 1% of patients experience this)
  3. Infection after impacted wisdom teeth removal procedure (more prominent in patients who smoke, antibacterial mouthwash and antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection)
  4. Weakening of jaw (less than 1% of patients experience this)


Impacted wisdom teeth may become a serious problem if you leave it alone for too long. It is important for you to check your wisdom teeth to ensure minimal risk or severe problems that were mentioned. Do not worry, if you experience any pain or notice your wisdom teeth are impacted, you may contact us immediately to book a same-day consultation.

Vivid Dental Surgeons are here for you and wish you a pleasant day ahead! For more information at impacted wisdom teeth removal in Singapore, contact us to book an appointment!

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