Braces types and their differences by Dr. Ryan from Vivid Dental surgeons

As our teeth are often what brightens up our smiles and faces when we interact with others on the daily, people often look towards braces as an option to correct their teeth and fix their smiles. The different kinds of braces people would turn to include metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces. However, many people dread the procedures braces require due to the fact that food restrictions, pain and potential teeth extractions often come to mind. 

However, there are many more aspects an individual should consider before seeking braces treatment. If you are an individual looking to gather information, search no more! For this article will help fill you in on all the knowledge you need to know for the different types of braces, namely the metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces. 

What are braces? 

Dental braces are orthodontic tools used to correct the misalignment of teeth both in the upper and lower jaws, by moving or straightening them. They correct crooked teeth, improving the aesthetic of smiles and are also able to make chewing and eating food much more comfortable after the correction of teeth. There are many different kinds of braces, namely the metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces.

Braces type Brief description 
Metal bracesMetal braces are the most traditional type of braces, which consist of metal brackets most commonly made of medical-grade stainless steel, with elastic ties attached to each individual metal bracket 
Ceramic bracesCeramic braces consist of clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets made of ceramic, sapphire and composite materials,
attached to the surface of your teeth, with rubber bands of similar colour attached to the ceramic brackets 
Damon bracesDamon braces, also known as the self-ligating braces,
are metal braces that do not require the use of elastic ties for each individual metal bracket

In order for you to come to a conclusion on exactly which type of braces is most preferred and suited for you, we have come up with a list of differences and potential similarities between these three types of braces treatment, for you to make an elaborate and detailed comparison.

Differences between metal braces, ceramic braces and damon braces

Features Metal braces Ceramic braces Damon braces 
Brackets & Elastic ties Visible metal brackets, wire and rubber bands Clear or tooth-coloured brackets.

But wires and ties are still metallic and visible. 
Visible metal brackets and tooth coloured rubber bands.
Self locking system, no need for elastic ties on individual brackets. 
Pressure on teeth Stronger than damon braces due to presence of individual rubber rings that create friction and stronger binding Relatively the same as metal bracesForce applied on the teeth is much more gentle without the use of individual rubber rings.  
Maintaining oral hygiene Presence of rubber rings for each individual bracket moisture, increasing
the risk of plaque and bacteria formation
Relatively similar to metal braces Do not use rubber rings, reduce the risk of bacteria and plaque formation
Diet May break when eating certain solid foods Much more brittle as compared to metal braces, more solid food is to be avoided. Relatively as strong as metal brackets 
Price Most affordable braces 
Pain levels Wires may cause irritation to lips, resulting in ulcers and cuts in the inner cheek or lips Ceramic braces are less harmful to the inner lips and cheeks since they are not as sharp as the metal brackets and are smoother resulting in less irritation and cuts forming. No use of individual rubber rings, greater comfort in the movement of teeth due to the reduction in friction and binding of teeth 
Removal procedures Through the flexing of metal wires by the dentist Ceramic braces may require special methods of removal (ball reduction band, vertical debonding slot) since they are much more delicate compared to the metal brackets and are much more prone to breaking when force is applied by the dentist during removal. Through the flexing of metal wires by the dentist 

Additionally, it is also important you seek your dentist for some advice on which braces treatment is most suitable for you as preference and taste differ between individuals. Hopefully with the table above, you are able to be more informed and knowledgeable about braces and it’s different types. 

Here at Vivid Dental Surgeons, we aim to educate and raise awareness for matters and issues regarding oral and dental hygiene. Especially during this COVID-19 period, we believe that it is highly essential that everyone maintains good oral hygiene and be safe. If you are interested in learning more, click here to read other related articles on our blog. Dr Ryan is also open to answering any questions you have regarding oral health matters, drop him a message here.

Dr Ryan and the Vivid Dental Team wishes everyone well and that you remain safe and virus-free!

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