What root canal treatment is and how much root canal treatment cost

Root canal treatment is a lesser-known dental procedure, and thus it is not surprising that people often wonder how much a root canal treatment costs, or what  root canal treatment even is.

For most, a root canal treatment may seem intimidating due to the many horror stories out there adding to the mystery of this less well-known dental procedure.

However, if you do need to get a root canal treatment for root canal pain due to an infected tooth and want to know more about it, hopefully this article will reassure you!

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Because root canal treatments are not very common especially at a younger age, most people do not know what root canal treatment exactly is.

Firstly, a root canal treatment could be needed when a patient’s pulp is infected, which causes root canal pain. The pulp of a tooth is the innermost layer of the tooth that cannot be reached without a root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment is done to repair a seriously damaged or infected tooth to save it from needing a tooth extraction (Colgate, n.d) and can manage pain caused by the root canal infection.

The Steps of Root Canal Treatment

  1. The dentist creates a small opening on the surface of the tooth
  1. A very small endodontic file is used to reach the infected area through the opening, and cleans the canal to remove infected tissue
  1. The canals are washed properly to prevent future infections
  1. The canals are filled with a permanent material called gutta percha
  1. The opening is filled with a tooth-coloured filling. A post may be inserted to support the new crown
  1. A new dental crown is cemented into the reconstructed tooth

Root Canal Treatment Pain Management

Generally, root canal treatment is done to manage any root canal pain caused by an infection.

Rest assured that your dentist can administer numbing agents on the infected tooth and surrounding gums before proceeding with root canal treatment. Subsequently, you should not be able to feel any pain while the dentist performs the treatment. If needed, you can always notify your dentist to inject more if you can feel any discomfort.

Following the treatment, it is normal to feel elevated sensitivity around the area of the affected tooth, but do note that this discomfort will diminish over time as the area heals.

If successful, the treatment would have rid of any root canal pain after fully healing.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment in Singapore

The price of root canal treatment varies depending on the type of tooth which the procedure is performed on. 

The larger the tooth, the more intricate is the procedure to be done, as larger teeth could mean more roots that require more skillful hands to navigate through.

Thus, root canal treatment cost for a molar tooth would be higher than that for a pre-molar tooth, which is pricier than that for an anterior tooth.

For the layman, counting from the middle teeth on the front, the first 3 teeth on each side are anterior teeth, followed by 2 pre-molar teeth and finally the molar teeth.

 In Singapore, a root canal treatment costs about S$320 to S$493 for anterior teeth, S$505 to S$949 for pre-molar teeth, and S$820 to S$114 for molar teeth in a public institute (MOH, 2019).

Typically, getting a root canal treatment costs more from a specialist than from a non-specialist, as a specialist would be more skillful in the field and hence have a higher success rate.

Moreover, post-treatment follow-up appointments could add to the total root canal treatment cost, but they are important for your dentist to check on the treated tooth and determine whether it was a success.

Simple Solution to Root Canal Pain

After reading this article, I hope that you are now more familiar with what root canal treatment is and how it manages root canal pain!

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