Teeth Whitening: How do Vivid Dental Surgeons Practice Teeth Whitening?

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Have you ever considered teeth whitening in Singapore? At Vivid Dental Surgeons we want to share some tips about teeth whitening to you! There are many ways to conduct teeth whitening, but we want to introduce a few simple ones for you: at home teeth whitening regimes, teeth whitening kits, and in the office (at our clinic) teeth whitening. 

What causes teeth to have stains? 

External Factors 

  1. Diet 

Certain foods or beverages such as coffee, tea, curry, coke, or red wine, etc. can cause stains on your white teeth overtime. Light stains may just be improved using home teeth whitening kits. 

  1. Smoking

Nicotine and tar in cigarettes will stain the teeth up to the gum line. This is usually characterized by a yellowish-brown color. These stains might be harder to remove and will require in office teeth whitening for maximal results. 

  1. Poor Dental Hygiene

Not brushing and flossing teeth regularly will cause plaque and tartar buildup. The bacteria in plaque and tartar may cause discoloration in teeth. To prevent this please remember to brush and floss regularly at least twice a day. The stains may be able to lighten by brushing and flossing regularly only or using home teeth whitening kits. 

  1. Environmental Factors

Fluoride in toothpaste can cause teeth discoloration. Excessive usage of fluoride products e.g. toothpaste, mouthwash, and drinking water high in fluoride content can all cause your teeth to be discolored. Ensure that your toothpaste and mouthwash does not have high fluoride content. For this factor, you can try to use the home teeth whitening kits or go to the dental clinic for a customized teeth whitening treatment. 

Internal Factors

  1. Antibiotics

Certain antibiotics taken, especially in children whose teeth are still developing may stain your teeth and be carried through to adulthood. In office teeth whitening is the best option to improve the stains, especially when the stains have been on the teeth for a long time.

  1. Dental Trauma

Teeth can be discolored from the inside due to bleeding within the tooth itself, which decomposes and forms a bluish-brown color. If you notice this color on your tooth, please inform your dentist. Usually an in office teeth whitening treatment is required, however the dentist will need to assess the extent of stain or internal tooth damage to determine the best teeth whitening treatment for you. 

  1. Genetic Factors 

A minimal number of you might have congenital factors which may contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. You may try home teeth whitening kits, or in office teeth whitening treatment. 


The outer layer of the enamel on our teeth gets eroded when we turn older, exposing the dentin. As the dentin also turns yellow with age, this will cause our teeth to appear stained or darker. 

All these factors contribute to discolored teeth. If you have experienced any discoloration of teeth, you might want to consider teeth whitening, below we will explore teeth whitening at home, teeth whitening kits, and teeth whitening in the office. 

Let’s look at some tips for teeth whitening at home: 

Baking Soda. Does this teeth whitening hack work?

Do you ever think to yourself, can I whiten my teeth at home? Well we have tried this home remedy which uses baking soda as a natural teeth whitening property, which is also why it is a popular ingredient in toothpaste. Baking soda acts as a mild abrasive that can scrub away surface stains on teeth, it also creates an alkaline environment in our mouths, which prevents bacteria from growing. This remedy won’t work overnight, but you should notice a difference in the appearance of your teeth in 2 weeks! 

What you need:

  1. ½ tablespoon of baking soda 
  2. Few drops of lemon juice
  3. Few drops of water 

How to use:

Mix the 3 ingredients above to form a smooth paste. Take the paste on your tooth brush and brush your teeth for 2 minutes as per normal. Make sure to rinse your mouth well. 

Is Charcoal a Scientifically Proven Teeth Whitening Hack? 

Although not scientifically proven, brushing your teeth with activated charcoal (powdered charcoal) supposedly pulls toxins from the mouth and removes stains from teeth, and ultimately aids in teeth whitening. 

If you would like to try activated charcoal to whiten your teeth, you can purchase it as a powder or in capsules that you open. Mix it with a few drops of water to make a paste. Use your toothbrush to brush your teeth with the charcoal paste and rinse your mouth. Keep in mind that activated charcoal can also stain fabrics and countertops. 

Let’s Learn about: Teeth Whitening Kits!

Home-kits are suitable for those who want a practical way to whiten their teeth out of the convenience of their homes. Home teeth whitening kits are usually quite mild, and are generally more suitable for light stains e.g. stains from smoking and drinking coffee. They usually contain low doses of hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. It should not hurt and should not cause sensitivity unless used incorrectly (e.g. if it was left on for too long).

Some home teeth whitening kits that we recommend are:

In-Office Teeth Whitening 

To learn more about in-office teeth whitening, visit our blog on For your Instant Whiter Smile, Try Zoom! (Click)

Maintain your White Teeth after Whitening!

Teeth whitening from home kits is not permanent and fades away over time. To keep the teeth whitening effect lasting, we recommend regular visits to the dentist every 6 months to a year. Please also remember to practice proper and effective tooth brushing, you can refer to our blog keeping healthy gums, importance of oral hygiene (Click). Further good habits include cleaning your teeth properly before whitening and avoiding foods that may stain your teeth.

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