Is tooth implant necessary after a tooth extraction?

Is tooth implant necessary after a tooth extraction?

Some people elect not to replace a missing tooth after a tooth extraction, due to financial reasons, fear about implant or as they are too busy to consult a dentist. What will happen if a missing tooth is not replaced ? If you read this article, you will be able to know the consequences on your teeth & jaw after you got missing tooth.

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Changes to tooth arrangement after a tooth extraction

Once a tooth is extracted, remaining teeth starts moving slowly. Except wisdom teeth, there are 28 teeth. Each of them have its own role and if one of them is missing, that affects other teeth. If a tooth has been extracted and it is not replaced with a new tooth for prolonged period, teeth around that missing tooth may be pushed up or inclined, which may negatively affect the alignment of the patient’s teeth. If this happens, orthodontic treatments or endodontic treatments may be required. That is the reason why missing teeth must get treatment to replace missing tooth by tooth implant.

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Overcompensation of the tooth on the opposite side

If there is a missing tooth on one side of the mouth, a patient tends to use the teeth on the other side as it is easier to chew food on that side. This will result in overuse of the teeth on that side, which may damage healthy teeth on that side. The damages can be on either of tooth or gum or both. One of the common damage on tooth is crack tooth syndrome which needs complicated treatment.

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Tooth implant requires as missing tooth can cause the damages on remaining healthy teeth

If you leave a missing tooth for prolonged periods, that may damage other remaining healthy teeth. So if you have a missing tooth, it is highly recommended to undergo appropriate treatments so that you can preserve other remaining healthy teeth. Tooth implant is the one of the options to replace your missing teeth.

Vivid provides the customized tooth implant plan for patients

In Vivid Dental Surgeons, we provide the customized tooth implant plan by taking Xray and clinical examination. To increase the successful rate of Implant surgery, it is important to proceed the treatment with proper treatment plan at right timing. As you learned from today article, teeth alignment will be changed if the space is left empty for a while after tooth loss. Please feel free to contact Vivid Dental Surgeons for any inquires and visit our website to explore more about dentistry.

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