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If you are at the age of about 17 to 25 years, you may begin to notice some discomfort due to a new set of teeth growing at the back of your mouth, or wisdom tooth pain. Wisdom teeth are the third and last molars on each side of the upper and lower jaws (Colgate, 2010). This article will elaborate on wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore.

You may have heard of wisdom tooth extraction or removal, but is it really necessary for you to undergo such procedures? And if yes, what should you be aware of, and what can you do to prepare for such a procedure?

Let’s take a look at the Truth about Your Wisdom Teeth:

Typically, people have up to 4 wisdom teeth, and they will be the last teeth to grow in your lifetime.

When your 4 wisdom teeth start to grow, there are often cases where it starts to grow at an awkward angle and grow inwards due to a lack of space, causing wisdom tooth pain.

If you have been feeling a sharp pain at the gums where your wisdom teeth are likely to grow, it is possible that you have an impacted wisdom tooth. Another possible symptom is unusual sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

It is important to seek imminent medical attention for it as leaving it untreated could cause surrounding teeth to decay due to them blocking the growth of your wisdom teeth.

If your dentist suggests that you undergo wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore, there are some things you should take note of.

wisdom tooth pain

What you should know about Wisdom Teeth Extraction for Impacted Wisdom Tooth:

It is a simple procedure with relative low risks involved, but your dentist should also inform you that there is a very small chance of complications such as nerve damage, but also note that the likelihood of this occurring should be very low if your dental surgeon is experienced.

The truth is, it is very possible that you could have multiple impacted wisdom teeth that require extraction, and you might therefore be wondering if you should remove all of them at once or spread the extractions out across multiple appointments.

Will I be in Pain?

Usually, after a wisdom tooth extraction, it will only take a few days for the pain to subside and about a week before you can stop sticking to soft foods, and this is true regardless of the number of wisdom teeth you extract in a single session.

In addition, the medication prescribed to suppress the pain and swelling would also be similar, and spreading extractions across multiple sessions would result in you missing more school or work. Thus, your dentist might recommend that you undergo multiple extractions at once.

wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Singapore

For wisdom tooth extraction in Singapore, if the procedure you require involves surgery, it will typically cost around S$800 to S$1000 in a public hospital, and much more if you choose to do it in a private dental clinic.

If you would like to use MediSave to pay for the procedure, you can claim up to a maximum of S$300 per day for day surgery (CPF Board, 2020).

Easily Deal with Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common rite of passage for young people everywhere, and damage can be done if you ignore the signs for too long. 

Thus, if you suspect that you could have an impacted wisdom tooth, make an appointment with our dentist in Vivid Dental Surgeons as soon as possible!

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