Singapore tooth Implant: Some Questions you Want to Ask your Dentist about Implants

Ever wondered to have implants in Singapore? Here at Vivid Dental Surgeons we provide dental implants for those who have missing teeth due to extraction, or mature teeth that fall out. Below are common questions about dental implants in Singapore. Please read below to find out more, and do leave comments if you have additional questions about dental implants. 

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What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a threaded titanium screw that is strong enough for a post to be placed inside it. Once the screw and post are placed, the dentist finishes the tooth with a cap or crown. Many people incorrectly believe that a dental implant makes up the entire replacement tooth; in fact, the implant replaces the root only. The dentist places the crown or cap on top of the replacement root. 

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Why should you get a dental implant?

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If you have missing teeth you should get a dental implant. This will also help with chewing and eating your food, as missing teeth can affect the way you eat. Once patients get dental implants they would no longer struggle with missing teeth or gaps that may affect their smiles. They will be more confident and resume eating solid foods without worry. 

When should you get a tooth implant? 

Consult your dentist as soon as you lose the tooth. Tooth Implant’s success rate depends on your jawbone, depends on the wear and tear of bones. Some patients may need a bone graft before undergoing the placement of a dental implant. To avoid the bone grafting process which may require several months, remember to consult your dentist as soon as possible after a tooth has fallen out. 

How long will dental implants last? 

If taken care of properly, a dental tooth implant can last more than 40 years. They often last a lifetime for patients that regularly brush, floss, and follow the dental recommendations made at their check-ups. While a dentist cannot guarantee the long-term success of a dental implant, the dentist can provide guidelines and suggestions to better care for your teeth. For example, they can provide dental hygiene procedures and based on your own dental health history to ensure the implant has the best chance to last a lifetime. 

What is the procedure like?

Placing a single tooth implant may take around 30 minutes, while a complex surgery may require 1-3 hours. After the implant is placed, the patient should schedule a follow-up appointment several months later to allow the tooth implant to properly heal and fuse with the jawbone. The dentist will fit the cap or crown over the tooth implant. Note that smoking or chewing tobacco may increase the chances of gum recession and disease which may cause the dental implant structure to weaken over time. 

The entire process takes around 6-8 months, unless more complex surgery is required. During your first treatment, your dentist will fuse the implant with your jawbone for bone grafting and cover your gum to allow it to heal. In 3-5 months, you will return to the dentist to have a post placed into the implant. Once the post is placed, the dentist fits you to get the right size cap or crown for your tooth. In 2-6 weeks you come for the final fittings and in a few sessions you will have the gap filled with your new dental implant. 


Singapore Implant: Vivid Dental Surgeons is the best choice for you

If you have missing teeth and are looking to get a dental implant, book an appointment with us today to get a consultation and more information about your suitability for a dental implant. Vivid Dental Surgeons wish you a pleasant day ahead!

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