Why Should We Treat Infections When We Are Having Tooth Extraction?

As getting old, we have more chances of having tooth extraction caused by tooth decay or gum disease. Tooth extraction may be a surgical treatment if the removal of teeth is required due to infections or decay. Another common reason for tooth extraction is the extraction of wisdom teeth that are poorly aligned/developed or those that cause pain and inflammation. This is known as impacted wisdom teeth. Through this article, we can learn the reason why infections should be treated when having surgical tooth and wisdom extraction.

Risk of infections after tooth extraction is relatively low.

The risk of infection when going through tooth extractions are up to 10% for healthy young people, the numbers go up for patients who are sick or have low immunity. Tooth infections symptoms may include swelling, pain, pus drainage, fever and also dry socket which can result in bad odour and severe pain.

Treating the infections when having tooth extraction is vital.

Treatment of these tooth infections is vital, as tooth infections can lead to severe consequences such as the damage of your gums, or even damage of your nerves and cause partial facial numbness. Therefore, it is important to always treat tooth infections during and after tooth extractions to prevent severe infections that may impact the patient’s daily lives more than needed. 

Dentist should do proper procedures to prevent from infections after tooth extraction.

To prevent these life-threatening consequences, it is vital to treat tooth infections during extractions procedures and also after. Treatment is simple, your dentist will clean up your gums and drain any infection from the wound during surgical extraction before suturing up the gums. You will also receive antibiotics and painkillers to manage the bacteria. Sometimes you might need to use an antibacterial mouthwash after eating to ensure the minimal growth of bacteria, thus reducing the chances of you getting infections during the healing process. 

It it true that infection can be life – threatening if it is not treated completely after tooth extraction. At Vivid, our doctors treat all extraction patients with thought infection treatment by proper surgery protocol. Please feel free to contact us and visit out website to get more information.

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