Importance of Replacing Missing Tooth (Dental Implants)

If you have a missing tooth that creates a gap in your jaw, you should consider finding a solution such as dental implants to fill the space due to a few reasons. Especially if the missing tooth is a molar, this can cause issues particularly on the way you chew your food. Other instances of a missing tooth can affect the way you speak and how you eat. Each tooth also has their own special role in relation to other teeth in, thus if you have a missing tooth it is best to replace it to prevent other issues that may arise. Through this article, we can take a close insight about Dental Implants to replace missing tooth.

replacing missing tooth with dental implants will give you the best smile.

What happened causing missing tooth?

Some issues may include the build-up of plaque in areas which are harder to clean. This can lead to more severe issues such as gum disease and infections. This may lead to more teeth to fall out, resulting in more missing tooth as a result of bone deterioration. When your missing tooth or teeth are not replaced, the bone surrounding the lost tooth or teeth might begin to erode causing bone deterioration. This even affects the longevity of dental Implants.

What are some causes of tooth missing ?

Some people may not be born with the tooth, or the adult tooth did not erupt replacing tooth born, baby tooth . But most commonly, missing tooth or teeth are caused by the presence of gum disease and tooth decay. If left untreated it can attack the tissue and ligaments which support the tooth, such as the tooth roots and jawbone.

Dental Implants is good option for replacing missing tooth.

Some solutions you can consider:

Dental implants is the best to replace missing tooth

A dental implant is when a small titanium bolt is fixated into the bone socket of your missing tooth. Dental implants can be used to replace the missing tooth or teeth you may have. Dental implants will feel like your natural teeth and treatment is just the same, therefore, you shouldn’t worry about adjusting to dental implants.

Dental Implants are the best solution of replacing missing tooth.

Dental implants will provide a secure foundation for artificial teeth and act as a support in relation to the dental plate. The implant is placed with the end goal of having the bone fuse together with it, and thus the dentist will be able to place the abutment on it . This will ensure the new tooth is in place. Thereafter a dental crown will be placed on as well to complete replacing missing tooth.

Benefits of dental implants:

  1. Prevents gum disease and bone erosion
  2. Provides long term teeth retention and stability
  3. Feels like your own natural teeth
  4. Provide support for the other teeth, so that they won’t move
  5. Maintains facial aesthetics
  6. Permanent solution

As you read this article, replacing missing tooth with dental implants is the way to maintain out oral health and improve the chewing ability. This will affect your overall health so that it will definitely affect the quality of your life. Please contact us to get professional consultation and visit here to get more information about dental implants and other options of replacing missing tooth.

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