Dental Anxiety Management – 5 Tips

According to scientists it is normal to feel anxious when you are visiting the dentist. This is known as dental anxiety. With that being said, if the fear reaches to a point where it might affect the dental care you are receiving from your dentist, you should discuss the queries with your dentist. As health professionals dentists are trained to provide dental care & management for patients with dental anxiety. Many ways of reducing dental anxiety are discussed below including the use of analgesics. 

dental anxiety management is important to bring you smile.

  1. Share your fears. If you are feeling anxious, inform your dentist and the dental staff. Showing your concerns of dental anxiety management, lets the dentist address your concerns and adapt the dental treatment according to your needs. 

dental anxiety management

  1. Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental care procedures. This is important because sometimes, when you are experiencing dental anxiety, you might be holding your breath and not breathing as per normal. Not breathing normally may decrease the oxygen levels in your body which may increase your level of panic. Meditation techniques can help you to breathe more consistently by focusing on a slow regular breath which in turn helps dental anxiety management. 

  1. Practice relaxation techniques. Sometimes being anxious may arise from having anticipated pain or having fear of not knowing what will happen during your dental treatment. This may be a result of dental anxiety that you are experiencing. Thus it will be helpful to discuss with your dentist what works best for your dental care & management. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any concerns. Most dentists will ask you to raise your hand during the treatment if you want to pause at any time. This will help you to manage your dental anxiety levels as you’re in control of your dental care. 

music is very efficient to manage dental anxiety

  1. Listen to music. Listening to music may help to relax or calm you down from your dental anxiety. Ask your dental clinic whether you can bring your headphones during the dental care treatment or they might even be able to play music for you. Most of patients confessed Music is one of the best ways to manage themselves from dental anxious feeling.

  1. Ask your dentist about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is a good option for those who experience dental anxiety during major dental procedures. Oral sedation is safe and effective, remember to consult your dentist first on whether the treatment you are receiving is suitable for sedation. This is commonly for patients who will receive long hours of dental care so that you are able to manage dental anxiety during dental treatment.

Always remember that the key to dental anxiety management is communication between you and your dentist. When you have established that you are in control of your treatment you will feel less anxious. Practicing relaxation techniques will also help to relieve your anxiety when you visit the dentist. Don’t forget that dentists want to address your concerns and help you to receive the best dental care during your visits. Learn more information here or please contact us.

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