What do you need to know about causes and symptoms of gum disease ?

Here today is very interesting topic about gum disease. I agree that we all want to have beautiful & healthy smiles, and taking good care of our teeth is needed in order to have them. However, most people forget that gums are also very important part of beautiful smile, oral hygiene and it needs to be looked after carefully. If we have gum disease from poor oral hygiene, we cannot have a confidence at smiling. It is important to know what is the causes and symptoms of gum disease to keep your beautiful smile. You are able to know about reasons and risk factors of gum infection throughout this article.

gum disease showing many symptoms and causes
Gum disease shows many symptoms and has cause

Symptoms of Gum disease (gingivitis or periodontal disease) occur often.

Gum disease, also called “Periodontal Disease” is one of the most common but serious disease around the world.

A lot of patients say they dread the experience of bleeding teeth when they brush their teeth. If you also have found that you have bleeding gums, you need to visit your dentist to check whether you have gum disease. Study shows that in most countries, around 20% of people (over 15 years old) have experienced gum diseases. Gum disease is also one of the most common reasons that lead patients to visit dentists. That is why it is important to be aware of the reasons and  risk factors of gum infection, also called periodontal disease).

please be aware of causes and symptoms of gum disease. it also can be checked at dental clinic.
gum disease can be prevented and treatment if you are aware of causes and symptoms well.

Notice: Important to know the reasons and risk factors of periodontal disease.

First, plaque is one of primary (main) causes of gum disease. It is caused by bacteria infection on gums and the bone around teeth. Plaque formed between teeth is one of main causes of oral bacterial cluster, and often you easily have plaque if you do not care your teeth correctly.

It may sound scary, however for gum disease, once bacteria settles deep into deep into the gums, it may cause your teeth to become loose, shaking, and may eventually end up removal of infected teeth. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to consult your dentist, if you have any symptoms suggesting that you might have gum disease.

Have a close look at the paragraphs below for more detailed information about gum disease.

gum disease can lose your beautiful smile. so please be aware of risk factors affecting gum (periodontal) disease.

There are also other risk factors that can cause periodontal disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), such as

Changes in hormones : Examples can be pregnancy, menopause and puberty. These hormonal changes can make gums sensitive

Illness : Certain illness, such as HIV and cancer, may affect our immune system and make gums easier to be infected, which may result in cavities and periodontal disease

Diabetes : Patients with diabetes have higher risk of gum infections (periodontal disease/ gum disease / cavities). It also delays the healing from treatment.

Medication : Certain medication can lessen the flow of salvia which may increase a likelihood of bacterial infection to teeth and gums. Examples of these can be anticonvulsant medicine, dilantin, and adalat.

Smoking and bad oral hygiene : Nocotne can get the blood vessels constricted that can reduce oxygen and nutrition supply for recovery of inflammed gum tissue. This is major reasons to deteriorate the gingivitis and periodontis.

Genetic reasons: Some people are genetically more prone to the gum disease.

proper sterilization of dental instrument can help to detect any symptoms and signs of gum disease at dental clinic easily.
proper sterilization of dental instrument is important to find out any signs or symptoms of gum disease.

There are two stages of gum disease which are gingivitis and periodontitis (both are periodontal disease).

Gingivitis is early stages of gum disease, often caused by plaque that infects the gums. Periodontitis are advanced stages of gum diseases and infection expanded to not only gums but to nerve, teeth and breath. Symptoms of both gingivitis and periodontitis are similar. Please remember, the best way to cure gum disease is receive right treatment from a dentist as soon as you realise that you have symptoms and signs of gum disease.

 Common signs and symptoms of gum disease are as follows:

Bad breath : Bad breath is one of most common symptoms of gum disease both for gingivitis and periodontitis. Bacteria feed on plaque. Without proper treatment and care, your mouth can be the perfect home for millions and millions of bacteria (it is warm and wet). These bacteria will create toxins which can cause bad breath. This is the first sign of gum infection.

Swollen gums : As gum is infected and irritated from plaque and bacteria, gums will start swollen and tendering. Also colour of gums can become darker. 

Bleeding gums : If you experience gum bleeding often after brushing your teeth, it can be the sign that you have gum disease, which you should not ignore and consult a dentist straightaway.

Sensitive teeth : If you feel that your teeth become sensitive easily, for example, even by a sip of cold drink, it may be the sign of gum disease. If you have gum disease, sensitive parts of teeth are exposed, which can increase teeth’s sensitivity. 

Loose teeth : Loose teeth is a very serious symptom. As gum infection and irritation progress, gum will be weakened to the extent that they cannot hold your teeth firmly.  If you feel your teeth are loosened, you need dental treatment as soon as possible.

gum infection can be detected by dentist. please take a note that it has many causes, symptoms and risk factors.
many of signs and symptoms of gum disease can be detected by dentist.

Important: Acknowledge the causes and symptoms of gum disease.

We went through causes and symptoms of gum disease (also called periodontal disease). Please remember, at an early stage gum disease can be easily cured. It is important to be treated at early stage as it is difficult to treat if it developes to severe periodontitis. Regular check ups and maintaining good oral hygiene are very important to keep your beautiful smile and healthy life (For tips to maintain your oral health? please read this: 5 tips to maintain good oral health)

If you have any dental issues, please make an appointment with Vivid dental surgeons (at Tiong Bahru, Singapore), our doctors will provide appropriate treatment for you. 

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