Do you know that Stress can have a Negative Impact on your Oral Health?

This is very interesting topic that the relationship between stress and oral health. In our busy day-to-day lives, stress becomes a second nature to us. Inevitable stressful situations may incur more stress than normal. Thus our capacity to handle stress may become more difficult over time, and this may impact negatively our health. It is true that our bodies have an in-built mechanism to deal with stress for short periods of time. However, prolonged exposure to stress may be fatal to our health, which can affect oral health negatively. Through this article, you are able to know how stress can give a negative impact on your oral health.

stress can cause negative impact on oral health
Stress can cause a poor effect of your oral health as stress can also affect immunity of body negatively.

Research shows the different ways in which stress may negatively impact our oral health and their manifestations:

Mouth or canker sores – Are often caused by emotional stress or as a result of biting or vigorous brushing of teeth. These can cause pain for approximately 2 weeks as they heal. Please speak to your dentist to help with the discomfort by using oral rinses a well as dietary precautions to aid in the recovery process.

stress can cause negative impact on oral health

Research shows the different ways in which stress may negatively impact our oral health and their manifestations:

Tooth grinding caused by stress can give negative impact on your dental health:

Tooth grinding (also known as bruxism) – Stress can cause you to worry, which may cause grinding during sleep. Symptoms associated with grinding may include headaches, unexplained facial pain, a sore jaw, neck aches and earaches. If you think you may by gnashing your teeth at night or clenching your teeth because of stress, consult your dentist. If grinding becomes too severe that the nerves of the teeth are exposed, a root canal treatment may be necessary. Always remember to consult your dentist, he/she may recommend a mouth guard to prevent damaging your teeth. With night guard, we can effectively stop for stress to cause a negative impact on your oral health.

Poor oral hygiene can caused by stress because stress can induce negative affect on your dental health.

Poor oral hygiene – May be exacerbated by stress. You may neglect the need to brush and floss your teeth regularly. This can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay or even gum disease. (for more information, please read this article “5 tips to maintain good oral health)

dentist can detect any negative symptoms on teeth. we can monitor if there are any negative impacts on oral health caused by stress.
By visiting a dental clinic regularly, we can monitor if there are a negative impact caused by stress on your dental health as dentist will detect any symptom of dental disease.

It is Important to know that we can monitor if there are any negative impact on your oral health.

Missing your regular dental appointments – Regularly visiting your dentist (every 6months), not only provides preventative care but also facilitates diagnosing and managing dental issues that may become worst over time. This can prevent from any poor effect on your oral health caused by stress as dentist can detect any dental disease before it caused any negative impact.

no more negative impacts on oral heath caused by stress, please visit dental clinic regularly !
Lets start to see a dentist regularly to check if there are any negative affects on your dental health.

Dry mouth – Medications that deal with stress may result in dry mouth. Our saliva is important as it keeps the pH in our mouth balanced to avoid growth of bacteria, keeps our breath fresh and also has a vital role in digestion.

Please manage stress wisely not to allow for stress to causes any negative affects on dental health.
managing stress wisely is important as it has great affects on your oral health

It is crucial to know how to deal with stress because it is obvious stress can give a negative impact on your oral health.

How to Cope With Stress?
• Identify your what triggers your stress
• Find relaxing techniques or self-care plan to manage stress
• Maintain a good oral hygiene at home
• Visit dentist for exams or cleaning
• Ensure you have enough rest
• Eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly

From this article, we have explored how stress can give negative impacts on your oral health. It is crucial that you have to manage your stress not to affect your health in negative way as oral health highly depends on overall body immunity. If we can manage our stress with some efforts explained above, we also can prevent that stress can cause the poor effect on your dental health.

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